Stormy Coast photo series by Michael Domaradzki

Photographer about himself: "There isn’t a whole lot that you need to know about me in order to understand the motivation behind my craft. This website is the realisation of the total sum of the knowledge and experience I have gained as a human being. From the time of my conception, until now, I am constantly growing, learning and evolving as a creative being. The most important lesson I have learned is that the only thing I can truly control is my creative output. Love, career, friends, family, fame, fortune.. all are fleeting and prone to disaster, yet the things I create as an artist will withstand all calamity, maybe even time itself. My creations magnify and idealise my chosen subject. They may give pause, food for thought or inspire a greater feeling within the beholder. Most importantly they cause no harm or damage and while they will not save the world they will soothe the soul of those who choose to stop and absorb what I offer. The artwork within has been made available to all in the format of photographs. You may choose from a diverse range of styles and sizes and they will be printed on the highest quality paper using inks guaranteed to last 100 years. It will be up to you to mount and frame them and present them for further display. This will be your part in the creative process. I am sure the outcome will be satisfying to those who choose to participate."

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    Stormy Coast photo series by Michael Domaradzki
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