The door to the unusual surrealism: interview with Alice Lin

Beijing based illustrator, Alice Lin, opens doors for us and invites everyone to discover her dark, creative and surrealistic world of art. You can recognize her works by identifying the connection between art, animals, and nature. Alice always manages to build an emotional bridge between viewer and subject. Her colors are like that of illustrations and drawings and are usually calmingly soft. Every single one of her photos has its own story. Alice brings darkness to her works and combines it with fairytales, childhood’s memories and perceptions. So what is Alice Lin like? And how does she come up with such ideas? I asked her about these things in our short chat.  

At what age did you started illustrating and how did it happen?
I started drawing at 5 years old. At that age I was a very naughty little girl but drawing kept me quiet. My mom liked to let me draw so that she could take care of me easier.

How long does it take for you to finish one artwork?
It takes different amounts of time with every piece of work. Sometimes I get a new idea in a moment, sometimes it can take a long time. If I get a good idea, to draw it will take me about half a month.

Illustrations and paintings always seemed to me as a quite diligent thing to do. Do you think patience and thoroughness are the characteristics that artist need to have for creating such art?
Yes, having enough patience and thoroughness in art is necessary and indispensable.

I always ask this question: who or what inspires you?
So many things give me inspiration: fairy tales, music, pictures, movies, dreams, etc. From when I was a kid I liked to draw my imagined world, a place where the things that don’t exist in this world can be.

Your art can be perceived as dark and full of emotions. What kind of emotions and feelings are you trying to reflect?
Life. I have seen the birth of life and death. I am always aware that life is great and fragile. However one day we will all disappear. I always ask a question to myself : Are we real? Do we exist? Are we just illusive?

Animals are a big part of your artworks as well. Why is that?
Animals and plants are my favorite subjects because I love this world and I hope the animals, plants, and humans can exist in harmony in this world forever. No death, no war, without the pain of sickness. But the truth is everything has its end and we must comply with the laws of nature.

If you have to describe yourself in three words, what they would be and why?
SENSITIVE (my emotions are too rich). ELEGANCE (I like poetic expression). GENEROUS (I like to share)

Do you have any other hobbies besides illustrations and drawings?
Yes, besides drawing I was working for 3D art company Maya VFX and MEL (Maya Embed lauguage) scripting. I enjoy this work but it’s very different from drawing. These two work fields let my brain alternate between logic and emotion.

Redmer Hoekstra takes us to the surrealistic adventure 

Some of you probably know this illustrator from Netherlands already. I have to admit that I have recognized a few of his artworks, as well. I saw them somewhere on the web long time ago. Today, I have discovered the huge and amazing portfolio of this artist. I wanted to include even more artworks here, because all of them are gorgeous and unforgettable. With each his illustration, Redmer takes us to the glorious world of creative surrealism. 

Metal Lion sculpture by Selçuk Yılmaz 

This is just amazing and breathtaking! This Turkish artist has created a majestic metal lion sculpture from 4,000 piecies of hammered metal. 

Rock & Animals by Cocolia

Cocolia is graphic design studio who develop corporate identity, graphic communication, art direction, editorial, web, illustration, and art projects.

Illustrations by Anthony Hurd ll Artist on Tumblr

These are just few very beautiful authors works and what I really like about his artworks is that you can see the story behind of all these paintings. And I love colors as much as I like all the tinny details that makes it simply tasteful to look at.   

Detailed drawings on the wood by LeRoc

Oh, I wish I could find a better resolution of his pyrographic artworks. Pyrography or pyrogravure is the art of decorating wood or other materials with burn marks resulting from the controlled application of a heated object. 

"I work from a tiny bedroom turned studio with the forest only a stone’s throw away. It’s this easy access to nature that keeps me inspired. I try and take full advantage of the fact that I am lucky enough to enjoy the outdoors on a regular basis weather it be out surfing, snowboarding ,mountain biking or even a simple stroll through the woods with my wife." - says author about himself. 

65 Chevy by Toby Harriman  

Photographer tells a funny and interesting story about this project: "Griffin is an awesome local photographer, who shoots a ton around the Bay Area and now Tahoe. Our paths never seemed to cross while out chasing sunsets and foggy evenings. I am sure there were many times though, where we were only a few hundred yards away from each other, shooting the same thing. Only to find to later when we both post similar shots online! A few weeks ago we were talking online and decided to finally meet up for sunset up on Mount Tamalpais State Park. I knew from facebook he had this beautiful Chevrolet truck, so I asked him to bring it if possible. Been itching to shoot this shoot a truck and scene like this for a while. I had no idea he had an American Bulldog though and when we got up there he put his dog, Moose in the back. These are situation photographers get really excited for, well at least I do. So enjoy the series and thanks Griffin!"

Horses in the dark by Nick Aldridge

Yes, guys. Black and White post again. Sorry for that, but I couldn’t resist to no upload this posts. Photographer Nick Aldridge shoot several horses in the studio for his own and personal project. Artist highlighted great parts of this animal (muscular). We can’t see the horse in the full view but that just gives us a bigger chance to focus on particular parts of the body. 

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