The Highlight of the week: darkness of Alejandra Sáenz

Graphic designer from  Buenos Aires, Argentina Alejandra Sáenz, who also Artist on Tumblr, creates dark, mysterious and sharp illustrations. Even though I have chose to showcase only black & white works, she has some very beautiful and colorful artworks as well. You can check them out here. 

Weekly highlight: Superheroes by Andrei Nicolescu

Illustrator, architect, painter and graphic designer Andrei Nicolescu (who is also an artist on tumblr) has presented to us his great project called “Superheroes”. Romanian artist, based in Bucharest, showcased famous superheroes in a different way. The illustrations itself reminds me a little bit of cubism. I, honestly, think that it is a very nice way to illustrate something that has been illustrated sooo many times already. You can check out for more of his artworks here.  

Dark and surrealistic self-portraits: interview with Alex Schaefer

Surrealism always was one of my favorite art styles. Perhaps that’s why my attention was strongly attracted to Alex’s Schaefer self-portraits. A recent graduate of NYC University’s Tisch School of Arts, he perfectly combines darkness and creativity. He uniquely highlights emotions and thoughts that are hard to describe out loud in words. I had a really nice chat with Alex about his personality, ideas and assumptions. I simply hope you’re going to enjoy this interview and will enter into the dark world of surrealism by Alex Schaefer.

How did your idea to start experimenting with self-portraits materialize?
For me, the idea of doing a self-portrait series was almost born out of necessity. Since high school I have struggled quietly with depression. At the time I first began the series I was studying film at school. I was in the process of writing a feature-length script about a character that was loosely based off of my circumstances. Depression was never something I felt comfortable or open to speaking about, so I found it difficult to express what I wanted to say with words. I came up with the idea to begin a self-portrait series because I wanted a creative outlet to express the emotions and anxiety that I was too afraid to speak about. I wanted to let the pictures speak for the words I could never seem to say.

Oh, so that’s why your self-portraits are so dark and full of emotions. It seems that your character (or you, yourself) is always fighting life challenges within the surrealistic world of your art. Why is it important for you to reflect everything in such a surrealistic way?
To me, surrealism provides a creative escape for the mind. It opens us to the possibility of seeing things differently. I feel that society in particular puts a great deal of pressure on us to follow the status quo and I knew from the beginning that I wanted to use photography to create worlds that break the boundaries we live within. And so, too, I wanted my portraits to offer an audience the ability to escape to a new world where they could question their curiosity and challenge what they already know.

Do you think art can help society regarding sending important messages about some serious matters?
Yes, I think art certainly has the ability to send an important message and effect change in a society. However, I think it comes down to the individual. We respond to art best when we are able to connect with it personally. Art that delivers an important message to society is one which is able to connect with people not simply as an audience, but as an individual.

You said that you wanted art speak for your emotions that you couldn’t express in words. Do you feel now, after creating these self-portraits, more comfortable with yourself and your past?Yes! These self-portraits have given me a creative outlet to express how I feel, but have also afforded me the opportunity to reflect on who I am along the way. In fact, what surprised me the most was perhaps how much I learned about myself from these portraits. Most importantly, I learned to always stay true to yourself and the art you want to create. It took me a long time to become comfortable posting my photographs. I thought that people who knew me might think I was crazy! And yes, sometimes it can be difficult to be vulnerable with your art, especially when it’s an extension of yourself or your emotions, but what I’ve learned so far is that you have to pursue what you are passionate about. You can’t let anything stop you- not fear, not rejection, not what other people might think of your work, and most importantly, you can’t stop yourself from becoming the artist you want to be!

I also have looked at your resume, I hope you don’t mind. It seems that you are working a lot with film photography. Is it hard to stay motivated for your personal projects while you’re working hard, or maybe this kind of work is the motivation itself?No, not at all- I’m excited you found it! I spend a lot of time working as a camera assistant on commercial and narrative work around New York City. I also just finished an internship in the photography department at Saturday Night Live! I love the work that I do outside of my own photography, so it never feels as though it takes away from my own creativity. In fact, I find that sometimes it even motivates me more because I’m always itching to finish my work on set so I can get home to take a photograph before the sun sets. The work itself is definitely motivational, especially because I am surrounded by some of the most talented and hardworking people that I know! It’s great to be with people who inspire you and the work you do and who are always ready to accept the next creative challenge thrown their way.

Do you think it is hard nowadays to get into the art or photography industry?
I think it’s much easier than it used to be. We have the advantages of digital technology and social media which can connect us with an audience in an instant. Now it’s easier than ever to have your photographs shared and seen by a huge amount of people. What is also interesting to consider is how technology has given us the opportunity to push the boundaries of art — particularly in the realm of surreal and conceptual photography. I think of software like Photoshop for example, which has given artists like me the ability to imagine the impossible and then go out and create it!

I totally agree with that! What is your biggest goal related to photography at the moment?
I would love to have some of my photographs exhibited in a New York City art gallery!

Edited by Melissa Searle 

Weekly highlight: a “CLOSE” project by Evelyn Bencicova

In Berlin based photographer Evelyn Bencicova, who is also an artist on tumblr, amazed me with her new project, called “CLOSE”. I chose her as the first artist to be in our new rubric “Weekly Highlight”. “Close” is all about the vulnerability and support, about our nudity (of our inside where emotions and fears are). I like the coloring of the project: cold and neutral for the idea itself. Amazing project!

Our first interview after a long time: colorful portraits by Elena Pancorbo

My attention was attracted by these realistic portraits through their gentle color play and unique presentation of the art itself. After few minutes of searching through her work and discovering more and more portraits, I checked the name; Elena Pancorbo, a Spanish freelance illustrator who has many followers and fans on various social websites. Alright, I thought, that is what I was looking for to restart my interviews. Something that makes me feel inspired and amazed. Immediately, I wrote her a short letter presenting Republic X and myself. She was naturally friendly and someone who I thought would be an honor to have an interview with. And it was. Finally, guys, I present to you this short discussion with the lovely Elena. I hope you enjoy it! 

When did you start painting and drawing?
Since I can remember. I remember drawing on blackboard at school, corners of my notebooks when I finished high school I decided to fully devote myself to painting, and I wanted to learn and see how far I could get.

I made a top module illustration course and am currently doing a career in fine arts.

Why did you choose to create portraits? Why not landscapes, or cityscapes?
My preferred technique is pastels, I am moved by the skin tones, the brightness of the eyes, fleshy lips. I like to portray people’s feelings and fears. I could include the landscape in conjunction with the human figure, but time is something that I discard.

Is it hard to find the right portrait for you to paint/draw?
I would say no. I always look for stereotype pictures, tones, lights and glitter, but sometimes I propose complicated and impractical orders. It is due to mere photo detail to interpret whether I use it or not… not having the right quality for example.

You always include very warm, complimentary and, at the same time, different colors. Why?
As I said earlier, I like working with skin tones. I attempt to make my work have a warm and harmonious air, I like the pastel colors and earth tones.I avoid using muted colors too, when I have to paint something a dark I use a dark shade or use many shades that lead me to a colorful shade.

Did you ever predict that your works would attract such a big attention from around the globe?
Yes, I thought of the time when I was exposed to the world through social networks, internet or any physical exhibition of my work.

I find my work a great way to give purpose to it.

I never considered that my taste for painting was a hobby, which is why I show it because I would like to dedicate this professionally and people opine about, either for good or bad.

Let’s talk more about you. What are the biggest values in your life?
As a person I value sincerity and humility. One can really put your feet on the ground and concentrate on something that is ignored.

Moral support is important for me to have pillars in life.

As an artist, working and persevering constancy. If you can do something well in life should be done every day.

How do you see yourself in… let’s say 5 years?
I honestly do not know. My life has changed so much in just one year that to venture to look beyond the short-term terrifies me.

Usually I never liked making future plans or planning too far in advance, 80% of the possibilities that I see are failures.

What do you think you miss mostly in your life at the moment?
I am at a good stage in which I am lucky to study what I love and devote myself to it entirely.

But you can never know the twists and turns of life.

What, according to you, would be the biggest threat for loosing motivation in something?
Lack of time. To have it removed or lose it or have to use it in something that requires my attention more.

Edited by: Melissa Searle 

Will it beard by: a non-fearless tumblr project 

It all began as a way to entertain the kiddies during the holidays, but has transformed into an artistic project for the couple. Pierce tells BuzzFeed, ‘Over Christmas break, my mom had her grandkids do a talent show for her (she’s an adorable grandma). I tried to put as many pencils as possible in it for my “talent.” I got over 20. Needless to say, my mother was very proud’. via

Warmly creative: photography by Karrah Kobus ll Artist On Tumblr

Photographer Karrah Kobus from Minneapolis, creates a wonderful and warm photography. Her works full of cozy colors. Well, let’s say that all of us perceive that coziness differently. Heh. So this is my way of perceiving it. 

Vitaliy Halanzha captures brilliant shots from the recent Ukrainian riots ll Artist On Tumblr

Being a photographer it’s not only taking shots of landscapes and happy people. Sometimes it requires a lot of courage. Certainly, Ukrainian photographer Vitaliy Halanzha does have it enough. He entered the core of massive and huge riots in Kiev and took some brilliant shots. 

Tear it off! Fine arts by Nicholas Mottola Jacobsen ll Artist On Tumblr

Contemporary and fresh artist Mottola Jacobsen created nice project of fine arts. Here, author literally teared off the parts of artworks. 

Lips, blood and weird sexiness: illustrations by Amber Louise  ll Artist On Tumblr

Originally, Amber Louise is a make up artists from Sydney, Australia. However, as she says: “traditional art is my one true love”. You can buy her brilliant work on Society6 or check her tumblr blog here.

Amazing portraits by Hallie Elizabeth ll Artist On Tumblr

American illustrator Hallie Elizabeth mixes portraits with landscape or space views. In this way, she makes her illustrations more magical and mystical and, therefore creates her own style.

Beautiful clouds pictures by Evan Ludes ll Artist On Tumblr

Evan Ludes - 19 years old photographer living in Omaha, Nebraska, USA. He first started photography back in 2007. He enjoys shooting nature in all of its forms. From snowstorms to summer supercells, lightning, insects, landscapes, abandoned structures, He loves it all. And so we do too!

Those who are following us from the beginning will probably think: how many times they have to change?? Three. And this third time we came back to our idea and its origins. WE SUPPORT FRESH AND TALENTED ARTISTS!! We did it already (when we opened). Then, we focused only on photography and now I thought… why only photo? Let’s support all art. Let’s show the world the talent of people. 
Decisions decisions. We have made them very fast. 
So, Republic X is now curated by me and my girlfriend (picture on top). We don’t do a magazine for while now… I am studying, and working full time. I don’t have time for that right now. But it will come back, I promise. 
So, let’s get started! 


Those who are following us from the beginning will probably think: how many times they have to change?? Three. And this third time we came back to our idea and its origins. WE SUPPORT FRESH AND TALENTED ARTISTS!! We did it already (when we opened). Then, we focused only on photography and now I thought… why only photo? Let’s support all art. Let’s show the world the talent of people. 

Decisions decisions. We have made them very fast. 

So, Republic X is now curated by me and my girlfriend (picture on top). We don’t do a magazine for while now… I am studying, and working full time. I don’t have time for that right now. But it will come back, I promise. 

So, let’s get started! 

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