The Highlight of the week: darkness of Alejandra Sáenz

Graphic designer from  Buenos Aires, Argentina Alejandra Sáenz, who also Artist on Tumblr, creates dark, mysterious and sharp illustrations. Even though I have chose to showcase only black & white works, she has some very beautiful and colorful artworks as well. You can check them out here. 

Silhouettes in the darkness by Martin Schapp. 

Martin was born in Germany, Cottbus, 1985. He is a freelance photographer and graphic designer in whose portfolio you can found a lot of various works. However, I mostly liked these, dark ones. All of them have mysterious silhouettes with their own journey and story. 

Flora and body shapes by Cristiana Gasparotto
Authors submitted message about herself: “Cristiana Gasparotto was born in 1977 in Italy, where she completed her studies in history and literature at the University of Padova. She currently lives in Madrid, Spain, with her husband and her children.
She started to observe the light through the camera and explore new personal territories to investigate the sensations she was feeling about it. Then, she realised photography would be a powerful medium to express herself and her emotional experiences in a visual way”.

Redmer Hoekstra takes us to the surrealistic adventure 

Some of you probably know this illustrator from Netherlands already. I have to admit that I have recognized a few of his artworks, as well. I saw them somewhere on the web long time ago. Today, I have discovered the huge and amazing portfolio of this artist. I wanted to include even more artworks here, because all of them are gorgeous and unforgettable. With each his illustration, Redmer takes us to the glorious world of creative surrealism. 

The astonishing black and white photography by Bahadir Bermek

This Turkish photographer has some great colorful photos too, but I mostly likes his black and white works. Not every photographer can make such a strong, powerful and interesting photographs!

The Siren of the Woods by Mihai Kaizer 

Mihai, based in Bucharest, Romania, explores various stills and styles of photography. Mihai shoots landscapes, people, daily routines and dark, mysterious photos. 

Beautiful Black and White landscapes by Derek Toye

This is exactly what we (Republic X) is trying to do!!! …to show you such beautiful works of artists like this, who are not so well known (in my opinion, at least). And that, actually, was my first thought: ummm… and why I don’t know about him, again? 

Derek Toye is 29 years old Canadian artist, who is self taught artist. He started taking photography about a year ago!! Seriously? Wow. Maybe I look way too exited here… but, hey, look! It’s obvious what a great talent this author has. 

Artist spent 30min each day for the past few months to make daily sketch paints 

Gabriel Verdon submitted his daily sketch paints on reddit by saying that he spent only 30min each day (for the past few moths) in order to create these black and white illustrations. I can say it looks very original, dark and interesting. Very nice choice of color, which is limited. Do you like it?

The dark death: amazing photography by Yaryshev Evgeny

I remember when I first saw this photographer’s one amazing picture (this one) and I couldn’t get it out of my mind. Experienced the same feeling this time, again. Dark ground, death, beautiful black and white coloring… Uh! Looks fantastic. 

Gorgeous portraits by Ileana Hunter 

Based in United Kingdom, Ileana Hunter draws very unique portraits of various famous people. Most of them are iconic women of pop industry. Authors as well plays with lightning. Sometimes she deletes or erases some parts of the drawing (like in the first one from the top) in order to make artwork even more unique. 

Duplicate by Michael Ostermann

Austrian photographer and graphic designer Michael Ostermann made this nice, black and white project, called “Duplicated”. Here, author plays with various details that makes these photos surrealistic and visually fantastic.  

Conceptual black&white photography by Lissuin

Slovakian artist Lissuin shoots various photographs, mostly portraits. In her portfolio you can find numerous conceptual and surreal artworks.

Drawings by Alberto Patiño

Alberto Patiño has a bachellor degree in Sculpture at the Pontificia Universidad Catolica of Peru, and is currently a professor at this university. He has 3 individual shows: La sombra de tu sonrisa (The Shadow Of Your Smile), Cecilia González Contemporary Art (2011), Cuerdo Delirio (Delirium Cordia), Galería 80m² (2006) and Casa/caso, Yvonne Sanguineti Gallery (2009). He also has several shows with other artists as Muestra colectiva, Centro Colich (2010); Esculturas para solitarios, Galería Enlace-Arte Contemporáneo (2007); Pulso/Impulso, Galería Wu Ediciones (2006); Kilómetro Cero, Galería Pancho Fierro (2006); ¿Y qué es el Arte?, Galería Fórum (2005). Patiño has received an award at the 3th Young Art at Miraflores (2005), y en el 2007 is finalist of the Contest Passport for an Artist sponsored by the French Embassy in Peru. He also works a line of industrial design with the company Penélope Montagnii.

Danish photographer Mads smashes glass and captures smithereens

Okay. So first of all, this cool because of the idea. Second of all - because of the colors and shadows that Danish photographer Mads has used. The photoshoot was shoot for the club “Fabric”. 

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