The Highlight of the Week: Nightscapes of Asia by Julia Wimmerlin

After being a marketing professional, photographer Julia Wimmerlin changed her focus on photography. By traveling around the world she visited the colorful and different Asia. As I asked her, what kind of experience did you get by visiting such large cities of Asia, Julia replied it is “very rewarding as the big cities of the new economies like Hong Kong, Bangkok, Singapore are changes and hardly can be found as the “old world”. She also added that “the density of the population is so high there, that the buildings look like a very dense forest offering what the photographer needs the most - interesting light to capture.” So here you guys, really great shots of night cities and those magical lights of night life. 

The Highlight of the Week: Nightscapes by Jakob Wagner

Most of you probably already have seen this amazing project and many others that are created and presented by German photographer Jakob Wagner. After a short chat with him, we have decided to highlight his project on the website. Project “Nightscapes” highlights the beauty of various cities in the night. Photographer visited such cities as Shanghai, New York,  Dubai, Los Angeles, Chicago, Manila, Cape Town and many more… He started the project in 2009 with a big goal to present as many night cities as he can; and here you go! Such a beauty! 

Amazing watercolor paintings by Nicolas Jolly 

Nicolas Jolly is a French artist working with black ink. Black and white allows him to bring additional emotion to the scene by increasing the set of chiaroscuro. There is a large concern in the compositions of his drawings. The technique he uses,”fingerprint”, allows him to guide the eye of the observer through the various elements of the scene compositions. All convolutions bring dynamism and speed, amplifying the intense and dramatic effect. The subject is anime, dance and grows. It can accentuate a detail in the design and target emotion to convey. via

Beautiful Black and White landscapes by Derek Toye

This is exactly what we (Republic X) is trying to do!!! …to show you such beautiful works of artists like this, who are not so well known (in my opinion, at least). And that, actually, was my first thought: ummm… and why I don’t know about him, again? 

Derek Toye is 29 years old Canadian artist, who is self taught artist. He started taking photography about a year ago!! Seriously? Wow. Maybe I look way too exited here… but, hey, look! It’s obvious what a great talent this author has. 

Cityscapes in various shapes by Jieun Park 

Jieun Park is mixing two very interesting styles in her paintings: traditional cityscapes that looks very realistic and abstract art. This combination creates a very unique and gorgeous result, which you can see above. I really like this idea and style. “What I try to express through my works are the emotions that I felt at the specific moments during the journey. I remember how I was emotionally overwhelmed and felt lonely by looking down at the city from on high.” - says artist. 

Amazing paintings by evergreenarts

German artist Alex, also known as evergreenarts creates majestic and colorful paintings, where a big picture of landscapes and sky are revealed. Love it!

Mean Machines by Tomasz Zaczeniuk

"Mean Machines" is another creative and surrealistically dark photo-project by Polish artist Tomasz Zaczeniuk. His works usually combines big opened places that includes wild nature and its beautiful elements. In this project, artist added the element that seem to be as the contrast to the nature: the machines. 

A Moment’s Reflection by Cody William Smith

Photos of beautiful landscapes featuring large, round mirrors placed conspicuously into the dirt, the sand, or the sea in various settings.

New Year’s Fireworks by Lars Böhme

New Year’s celebration has passed with its all festive’s elements and only memories have left for us. German photographer Lars Böhme, as probably most of photography loving artists, was trying to capture great shots of fireworks in the sky. He got the interesting result. 

Sandscapes by Jacob Wagner 

Simply and beautiful. Photographer Jacob Wagner captured sand in the beach with sunny reflections. 

Jakob Wagner was born 1985 in Herdecke, Germany. In summer 2008, he successfully completed his three-year apprenticeship as a photographer. He has since been living in Duesseldorf, where he has mainly been working as a freelance photographer, image editor and photo assistent. His work has taken him to many different countries around the world. When Jakob Wagner is not at work by assignment, he devotes much of his time and passion to his personal photography projects, which will culminate in future books and exhibitions. His photographs are available in signed and limited editions.

Colorful Amsterdam landscapes by Inviv0

7 months ago I have published one of my favorite posts: the landscapes of Amsterdam city. There, the Amsterdam was showed as the dark, rainy and yet a very cozy city by photographer Vladimir German. This time I saw a colorful picture (thought, that it was a Venice). Apparently, it was Amsterdam city again. This time reflected by a photographer based in Berlin Inviv0. Author has totally different view on the city’s photo series. Photographs are very rich in color, more detailed and beautiful in its on way…

Beautiful clouds pictures by Evan Ludes ll Artist On Tumblr

Evan Ludes - 19 years old photographer living in Omaha, Nebraska, USA. He first started photography back in 2007. He enjoys shooting nature in all of its forms. From snowstorms to summer supercells, lightning, insects, landscapes, abandoned structures, He loves it all. And so we do too!

Beautiful landscapes by Mylan Dawson

Photographer Mylan Dawson uploaded his first photo project on behance website and instantly amazed me. These landscapes shots seems to be highly professional and fresh, it we would judge the colors. 

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