Highlight of the Week: Arkhai by Bianka Schumann

In Budapest, Hungary based photographer Bianka Schumann presented her new photo-project, called “Arkhai” as ‘intimate relationship of two child-grown, grown-child, a main secret book which tells their ordinary and extraordinary world in pictures and I could be a little part of it.’ Photographer explores the particular time of our lives then we are experiencing childhood and grown-up life at the same time. When we are living in two words, and get many questions. “The big questions of the life are being dissected. Is it indeed real that I am alive? The world, the Earth, the other planets and the whole solar system are really existing? And why got the chair the name of chair or the table the name of table?” - elaborates photographer in her project’s description. You can take a look at the whole project here

Beautiful Black and White landscapes by Derek Toye

This is exactly what we (Republic X) is trying to do!!! …to show you such beautiful works of artists like this, who are not so well known (in my opinion, at least). And that, actually, was my first thought: ummm… and why I don’t know about him, again? 

Derek Toye is 29 years old Canadian artist, who is self taught artist. He started taking photography about a year ago!! Seriously? Wow. Maybe I look way too exited here… but, hey, look! It’s obvious what a great talent this author has. 

The dark death: amazing photography by Yaryshev Evgeny

I remember when I first saw this photographer’s one amazing picture (this one) and I couldn’t get it out of my mind. Experienced the same feeling this time, again. Dark ground, death, beautiful black and white coloring… Uh! Looks fantastic. 

Dreamy silhouettes in Michelle’s Ellis photography ll Artist On Tumblr

Canadian photographer Michelle Ellis has a quite big photo portfolio in which you will definitely find various photographs with different themes and colors.  However, I really loved those one that include silhouettes, and therefore, I though it would be great to show some of those photos for you, guys. I hope you enjoyed! 

Amazing illustrations by Kate Powell 

United Kingdom based artist Kate Powell is already popular on several social art platforms. You can also buy her artwork here. Generally, her illustrations and drawings blows you away with its detailed and colorful elements, surreal portraits. Very interesting artworks. 

Mean Machines by Tomasz Zaczeniuk

"Mean Machines" is another creative and surrealistically dark photo-project by Polish artist Tomasz Zaczeniuk. His works usually combines big opened places that includes wild nature and its beautiful elements. In this project, artist added the element that seem to be as the contrast to the nature: the machines. 

Magical world of Patrick Gonzales 

Well, I couldn’t say that Patrick Gonzales is a really fresh and new artists in the art world. However, I did not notice a lot of his works on internet, so I have decided to show them for you guys. I picked really colorful ones mixed with details of the nature and surrealistic ideas. However, he has a lot of various really dark works, as well. You can check it out on his official website.  

Stories with umbrella by Zsuzsanna Dofka

This project brings us far away from our routines, we can see ourselves in those places, we can enjoy the moment. And as the author says about the photography: I think, in the photography the words are not too important because the vision leads us and the fantasy has not got borderlines. Well done Zsuzsanna Dofka.

Beautiful clouds pictures by Evan Ludes ll Artist On Tumblr

Evan Ludes - 19 years old photographer living in Omaha, Nebraska, USA. He first started photography back in 2007. He enjoys shooting nature in all of its forms. From snowstorms to summer supercells, lightning, insects, landscapes, abandoned structures, He loves it all. And so we do too!

Beautiful landscapes by Mylan Dawson

Photographer Mylan Dawson uploaded his first photo project on behance website and instantly amazed me. These landscapes shots seems to be highly professional and fresh, it we would judge the colors. 

My Amp Goes To 11 Artist Submission | Claudio Parentela 

Born in Catanzaro(1962-Italy) where he lives and works, Claudio Parentela is an illustrator, painter, photographer, mail artist, cartoonist, collagist, and freelance journalist. Active for many years in the international underground scene, he has collaborated and still collaborates with many magazines of contemporary art, literary magazines and comics in Italy and internationally.

Photographer Kilian Schönberger created Brothers Grimm Homeland

German photographer Kilian Schönberger recently has presented his new project called “Brothers Grimm’s Homeland”, where author mixed photography with illustration. Big trees, dark homes and moody environment - these are the key elements that connected these photos with legendary Brother Grimm even more. Love it!

We are nature by Christoffer Relander

It is a follow up to author’s recent multiple exposure series, such as We are Nature Vol. l and Vol.ll. As in the previous work, photographer creatively mixed portraits with nature. 

Til death tear us apart: a beautiful couple photography by Sanya Khomenko

Ukrainian photographer Sanya Khomenko has a great talent of capturing couples. Each photograph seems to be done perfectly: the models, colors, the background and the angle.  Sanya creates a true love in the photography.

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