Sun City Poms Cheerleaders by Todd Antony 

Sun City is a retirement city in Arizona where the average age is 73. The 12 Poms range in age from 57-80 years. Training twice a week they perform in various parades, events and openings.

A Way Through The Fog by Bastian Kalous 

Bastian was born in 1980 and he is fascinated about instant photography. “This photography medium inspires me to explore our beautiful mother nature. I am doing my photowalks now for about 6 years and i am still in love with all the impressions i get from them. Feel free to take a hike with me...” - says Bastian. 

Abandoned places in Camereon's photography

Once we already have published beautiful photography of abandoned places by photographer Camereon. This time, we have selected some of his fresh photographs taken inside the buildings. 

Four sister takes photos of their selves every year for 36 years

In 1975, photographer Nicholas Nixon took a picture of his wife and her 3 sisters, and they came up with an idea to make it an annual tradition. Since then, the Brown sisters took a photo every year till 2010…

 Life in Central Park, Summer 1961

New York’s Central Park has been around, in various incarnations, for roughly 150 years. In that time it has been hailed as a masterpiece of landscape design; has served as a punchline in jokes about muggings and violent crime; provided the setting for key scenes in countless books, plays and movies; and remains, for New Yorkers and for millions of visitors to Gotham every single year, one of the world’s great urban wonders — 800 acres of tree-lined paths, public plazas, open fields, gardens, ponds, lakes, bridges, performance spaces, a castle on a hill, arguably the world’s greatest museum and a small, quite charming zoo. via

Whole Punchers by Ryan Halliwill ll Artist On Tumblr

'Whole Puncher' is a minimalist collage artwork by student from USA, based in Tulare city, Ryan Halliwill. As it is now popular among young artists to hide, cover faces of portraits, Ryan does the same thing but by using different technique. 

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