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 Food Typography on Tumblr by Danielle Evans (USA)

Danielle Evans is a child of the Midwest. She has inhabited steel towns of western Pennsylvania, vast plains of Indiana, and everywhere in between before settling in picturesquely urban Columbus, Ohio. She derives great pleasure in walking everywhere and playing soccer in the park. She waffles between calling herself a designer and illustrator, due to the narrative nature of her work. Delighting in lettering and typography, she uses paper cutting, food, chalk, calligraphy, brush pens, and digital practices to achieve her solutions. The process is surprising and often organic, staving off most OCD compulsions.

Typography in photography by LettersTale ll Artist On Tumblr

Andrada Puscas is a young freelance artist who focuses on graphic design and typography.

Graphic Design artworks by Andrada Puscas 

Andrada Puscas is a young freelance visual artist who focuses on typography and graphic design. 

Typo Humaine by Martin Tremblay

Human typography is an interesting an creative photo project by photographer Martin Tremblay. Nice works, love it!

"Fog" part of “Alternative Snapshots of Our World»” by Metallus

The photographs were taken in various places around the world, and are viewed as “small” snapshots capturing the kind of daily existence we all live through. Snapshots which, to our eyes, may appear completely different and otherworldly, since the artist filters them through his personal experience, ultimately aiming to decode the secret hidden behind the superficial glamour of the image and to “narrate” his own story for each of these photographic moments. Using mixed arts, he processes the original images so that, in their final form, they project – even highlight – the truth that hides behind the “mask” of first impressions. His will is to render the emotions that led him to capture each photographic image, but mostly to place the viewer in the process of questioning and inquiry, through the awareness elicited by his work.

Metallus aka Panagiotis Metallinos:

He was born in Thessaloniki in April of 1969, where he lives and works to this day. He studied graphic design and visual communication. Starting in 1987, he has enjoyed continuous professional success in the sectors of advertising and the graphic arts. Currently, he also teaches at a School of Art & Design, in the graphics department. He was a member of the editorial team of “Black:White” magazine, as Director of Photography. Since 1989, he has actively pursued a primarily amateur interest in photography. His work has been exhibited in Thessaloniki, Greece.

Photos & Types: instagram project by Bosque

BOSQUE is a new multidisciplinary creation studio of graphics and products with varied techniques and supports, looking for its inspiration in music and different kind of pictures. Based in Buenos Aires, Argentina. It was created in 2008 by the fusion of the graphic artists and designers Bolsadeosos and Maybe.

Artist Jey Shells has recently been creating legitimate looking signs containing rap quotes that reference specific locations in New York. After compiling over 30 signs, Shells set out installing these signs in the locations mentioned in the quotes. The artist has quoted many well-known rappers such as Jay Z, Mos Def, Kanye West, Gza, Nas, Jeru the Damaja, DJ Premier, and many more.


The End is Far: Typographic stitching by Polish artist Olek

Belgium based print design artist Nathan Gilson ll Artist on Tumblr