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Accumulation of Disorder by Lionel Smit 

Lionel Smit was born in Pretoria, South Africa in 1982, he started developing and exhibiting straight after art school at Pro Arte Alphen Park. He now lives and works in Cape Town. He is best known for his contemporary portraiture executed through monumental canvasses and sculptures. Smit exhibits locally in South Africa where he is considered one of the countries youngest investment artists. He is currently exhibiting and on art fairs in Amsterdam, Germany, India, Miami, Monaco, London and Hong Kong. Over the past 10 years he has established a substantial international following with collectors ranging from the Standard Chartered Bank to Laurence Graff Art Collection at Graff Delaire wine estate. Smit’s painting has been exhibited at the National Portrait Gallery, where it was chosen as the ‘face’ of the BP Portrait Award 2013. He was recently honoured with a Ministerial Award from the Department of Culture for Visual Art and a highlight of his career has been the publication of one of his paintings on the cover of Christie’s Auction Catalogue.


Metal Lion sculpture by Selçuk Yılmaz 

This is just amazing and breathtaking! This Turkish artist has created a majestic metal lion sculpture from 4,000 piecies of hammered metal. 

I feel it: bronze heart sculpture by Barbora Maštrlová

"I feel it" is a great and detailed bronze sculpture of human heart by artist Barbora Maštrlová, based in Prague. Barboba had her own exhibition  in 2009 and numerous collective ones, as well. 

Lips, blood and weird sexiness: illustrations by Amber Louise  ll Artist On Tumblr

Originally, Amber Louise is a make up artists from Sydney, Australia. However, as she says: “traditional art is my one true love”. You can buy her brilliant work on Society6 or check her tumblr blog here.

Always And Ever Is Never Enough by Jeff Austin 

Jeff Austin is a Chicago based artist and musician. One of his art installation, likes this one, connect detailed work and nature. looove it!


Rock & Animals by Cocolia

Cocolia is graphic design studio who develop corporate identity, graphic communication, art direction, editorial, web, illustration, and art projects.

Dream by  Bogdan Tomashevskiy

Ukrainian artist Bogdan Tomashevskiy creates detailed sculptures that are hanging on the walls. I mostly liked this one, called “Dream”. Looking for a while at the sculpture it kind of reminds me of a bunch of segments that we tend to dream. 

Handmade collages by Molokid 

Molokid is the alter ego of this freewheeling, rather off balance graphic designer of Buenos Aires. He finds a way to escape from the daily routine through his handmade collages. These act as an outlet, in which he works relations of forms, colours and textures. In his collages, Molokid seeks to construct and to destroy morphologic relations between the elements that interact in the composition, looking for a dialogue between the parts that shape the whole of the artistic piece. Vintage magazines, paper clippings, cutting elements and glue replace computers. It´s all about leaving the comfort that digital retouch programs offer and returning to the handcrafted thing. This way, manual experimentation is prioritized over conceptual subject matter. His work has been displayed in art galleries in Buenos Aires, and abroad.


Korean artist Horyon Lee’s pieces are classified as paintings, although they look much closer to photography. The suggestive and dynamic of his overlapping images, skirt flirts in this case with a highly erotic component, make them visually delightful. 

Like a walk in the National Gallery: paintings by Romualdas Petrauskas 

When I first saw his artworks, I remembered my slow walking in the National Gallery, London. I don’t know why. Maybe because of the coloring, or the idea itself in the artworks. One is for sure, Lithuanian artist Romualdas Petrauskas makes very interesting, and nostalgic (?) paintings. 

Human characteristics explorations by Tristan Pigott

Painter’s Tristan Pigott artworks mixes emotions and point of views. Author is interested how people react and act in different situations. Tristan paints his works realistically, erasing the line between photography and paintings. Pigott had several exhibitions in London art galleries already and is perceived as an ambitious contemporary artist. 


Amazing surrealism in Yuri’s Laptev paintings 

Ukrainian artist Yuri Laptev definitely is one of the most talented and resent surreal artists. Yuri uses dark colors and mixed them with numerous small details that are very important to the whole artwork’s idea. His surrealism overflows from the main object. 


Dirty noses of Zina’s Nedelcheva portraits 

Zina (author stated that many people calls her just like that) is from Bulgaria. She is know as a graphic artist but I wanted to show you, guys, her usual drawings with pencils.

"Little things that could be just sitting there in the corner, unnoticeable for others, old and forgotten often are start point for my works. I refer to the oddness of everything" - writes Zina in her official website. It is clearly see that various things can inspire this artist, and she can use her inspiration very creatively, indeed. 


Jiwoon PAK creates warm and cozy illustrations 

Jiwoon was born in Korea and finished there university (as well as in France). Can I tell that her illustrations are different? Almost. However, I really love them. They are simple. Even though Jiwoon has a lot of different details in each illustration, her color choice makes everything to look aesthetic. 


Intersection by Alexander James 

The inspiration for many of James’ works is taken from a long artistic tradition of momento mori, highlighting the temporality and fragility of life for each of us. This is particularly evident in his Vanitas series directly influenced by the 17th century Dutch masters, and their way to express the inevitability of death in all things living. Revisiting the works of the 17th century Dutch Masters using period props, food and real insects including butterflies that he breeds himself. Each carefully staged underwater scene is created with subtle distortions of light & movement from the waters own wave energy to create a unique and painterly effect. The subjects appear as if to be floating in a black space that neither interferes nor disrupts the subject matter, the collaboration within this void offering a serene and dreamlike sensation.