Flora and body shapes by Cristiana Gasparotto
Authors submitted message about herself: “Cristiana Gasparotto was born in 1977 in Italy, where she completed her studies in history and literature at the University of Padova. She currently lives in Madrid, Spain, with her husband and her children.
She started to observe the light through the camera and explore new personal territories to investigate the sensations she was feeling about it. Then, she realised photography would be a powerful medium to express herself and her emotional experiences in a visual way”.

Handmade collages by Molokid 

Molokid is the alter ego of this freewheeling, rather off balance graphic designer of Buenos Aires. He finds a way to escape from the daily routine through his handmade collages. These act as an outlet, in which he works relations of forms, colours and textures. In his collages, Molokid seeks to construct and to destroy morphologic relations between the elements that interact in the composition, looking for a dialogue between the parts that shape the whole of the artistic piece. Vintage magazines, paper clippings, cutting elements and glue replace computers. It´s all about leaving the comfort that digital retouch programs offer and returning to the handcrafted thing. This way, manual experimentation is prioritized over conceptual subject matter. His work has been displayed in art galleries in Buenos Aires, and abroad.

The Vagabond by Pratiksha Suryawanshi

Fresh Indian photographer Pratiksha Suryawanshi creates her BFA course final project, inspired by Arno Rafael Minkkinen. Author plays with various unusual angles and body parts. Looks very interesting and amazing.

Nude photography by Yaroslav Vasilyev-Apostol

Author is 34 years old photographer who loves painting (mostly graphics), loves to travel the world. He  mostly focuses on the genre pictures before, trying to catch the reality of life, but now author takes pictures of mostly on his own. Playing with the lights in the dark makes this project look incredible.

Masculine Beauty in Andei’s Vishnyakov photography

Russian photography Andrei Vishnyakov takes a lot of different pictures: couples, children, women and more. However, the bigger part of his portfolio consists of men beauty. Photographer highlights the body parts, muscular, the power of the man. These… are only the few photographs that I have chosen to present this photographer.   

Differences by Zsofia Kollar 

D i f f e r e n c e s is a collection based on the difference between materials and their facilities. The two main materials are copper and silicone. Copper, the metal part is used to express the geometry which is the strict, distinct part. The copper parts were treated by tin of resulting in a grey colour. The indefinite silicone part luxuriates. The collection includes two pendants, one brooch, one ring, and one bracelet.

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