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New paintings by Simon Birch 

Simon Birch is a UK-born artist who is a permanent resident of Hong Kong. He has had solo shows in Beijing, Hong Kong, Los Angeles, Miami, and Singapore, as well as exhibiting in group shows at the Hong Kong Museum of Art (2008), the Haunch of Venison, London, and the Museum of Contemporary Art, Tokyo, in 2011.

Accumulation of Disorder by Lionel Smit 

Lionel Smit was born in Pretoria, South Africa in 1982, he started developing and exhibiting straight after art school at Pro Arte Alphen Park. He now lives and works in Cape Town. He is best known for his contemporary portraiture executed through monumental canvasses and sculptures. Smit exhibits locally in South Africa where he is considered one of the countries youngest investment artists. He is currently exhibiting and on art fairs in Amsterdam, Germany, India, Miami, Monaco, London and Hong Kong. Over the past 10 years he has established a substantial international following with collectors ranging from the Standard Chartered Bank to Laurence Graff Art Collection at Graff Delaire wine estate. Smit’s painting has been exhibited at the National Portrait Gallery, where it was chosen as the ‘face’ of the BP Portrait Award 2013. He was recently honoured with a Ministerial Award from the Department of Culture for Visual Art and a highlight of his career has been the publication of one of his paintings on the cover of Christie’s Auction Catalogue.


Call to faith by Carmen Mitrotta

Contemporary photographer Carmen Mitrotta had created colorful fashion photoshoot. Looks weird, but I like it. I love how author plays with colors. 

Tear it off! Fine arts by Nicholas Mottola Jacobsen ll Artist On Tumblr

Contemporary and fresh artist Mottola Jacobsen created nice project of fine arts. Here, author literally teared off the parts of artworks. 


Always And Ever Is Never Enough by Jeff Austin 

Jeff Austin is a Chicago based artist and musician. One of his art installation, likes this one, connect detailed work and nature. looove it!


Dream by  Bogdan Tomashevskiy

Ukrainian artist Bogdan Tomashevskiy creates detailed sculptures that are hanging on the walls. I mostly liked this one, called “Dream”. Looking for a while at the sculpture it kind of reminds me of a bunch of segments that we tend to dream. 

Lord of the flies by Kent Williams ll Artist on Tumblr 

Kent Williams has built up a formidable reputation as a powerful contemporary painter. This project was shown in ”Ophthalm” at Evoke Contemporary in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Well, you have to agree, that when you are looking at these paintings, you have a lot of feelings at the same time. It’s very original and awesome work.


Silhouettes in the dark beach by Linus Lohoff

Silhouettes show things from the beach at the beach in the lamplight which make them almost look like sculptures or installations. This light gives them importance and beauty even if they are just small buildings of human creature.

Minimalism in series Empty Space by Eva Kalpadaki

Artist’s statement: These works, which are based on using quiet and discreet performative gestures of intervening in the space, brought up a passion and interest in the potentialities of the line in relation to my experience with my surrounding space.