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Dark as death: artworks by S.V.Mitchell

Mitchell was born in Bristol England in 1963. He spent his child hood growing up in the south west of England. At 29 a drinking binge ended in a hospitalization and a near death ”Bardo” experience, in witch he was graced with a moment of clarity into his condition. This became the spark to ignite his recovery turning his life around and creating the Art we see today.

Amazingly detailed illustrations by Giorgi Arutinov 

This artist from Georgia makes incredible detailed illustrations, full of various elements. I have always been fascinated by such patient artists as this one. Bravo! 

Beautiful Black and White landscapes by Derek Toye

This is exactly what we (Republic X) is trying to do!!! …to show you such beautiful works of artists like this, who are not so well known (in my opinion, at least). And that, actually, was my first thought: ummm… and why I don’t know about him, again? 

Derek Toye is 29 years old Canadian artist, who is self taught artist. He started taking photography about a year ago!! Seriously? Wow. Maybe I look way too exited here… but, hey, look! It’s obvious what a great talent this author has. 

Artist spent 30min each day for the past few months to make daily sketch paints 

Gabriel Verdon submitted his daily sketch paints on reddit by saying that he spent only 30min each day (for the past few moths) in order to create these black and white illustrations. I can say it looks very original, dark and interesting. Very nice choice of color, which is limited. Do you like it?

The dark death: amazing photography by Yaryshev Evgeny

I remember when I first saw this photographer’s one amazing picture (this one) and I couldn’t get it out of my mind. Experienced the same feeling this time, again. Dark ground, death, beautiful black and white coloring… Uh! Looks fantastic. 

Derek Jones paints messy but wonderful portraits 

The artist with his own style and mood that can be felt through the color. Derek Jones is based in Scotland and he is painting wonderful, dark and messy portraits. Sometimes they remind me something related to women abuse topic. However, maybe it’s just me. And that’s the point actually: everyone can understand a little bit different these paintings. 


Duplicate by Michael Ostermann

Austrian photographer and graphic designer Michael Ostermann made this nice, black and white project, called “Duplicated”. Here, author plays with various details that makes these photos surrealistic and visually fantastic.  


Danish photographer Mads smashes glass and captures smithereens

Okay. So first of all, this cool because of the idea. Second of all - because of the colors and shadows that Danish photographer Mads has used. The photoshoot was shoot for the club “Fabric”. 


Weird and beautiful: surrealism by Sicioldr 

Sicioldr is an italian self-taught drawer born in 1990. His visionary style is influenced by the study of artists like Giraud, Bosch, Bruegel, Serafini, Seba and by his interests toward the relationship between alchemy and psychology. His uncanny subjects are images coming from the unconscious ,represented by the author through a rigorous and elegant style of drawing


Dark digital art by Dihaze

Artist Dihaze keeps personal information as a little secret. For me, it is still unknown from where this author is, what is the real name and etc. What I know is that Dihaze’s dark digital art makes me feel spooky and at the same time amazed by authors creativity and imagination. The surrealism plays a huge role in author’s artworks. 

Victims by Sishirprithvi Bommakanti

Like the dark shadows from the past, scars remained on their faces and left their identities harmed for ever. This is how I see this brilliant project by painter Sishirprithvi Bommakanti. 

Sishirprithvi Bommakanti (born in India 1990) is a freelance illustrator, designer, and painter. His work combines conceptual compositions, figurative narratives, abstract geometry, and glitched imagery.

Nude photography by Yaroslav Vasilyev-Apostol

Author is 34 years old photographer who loves painting (mostly graphics), loves to travel the world. He  mostly focuses on the genre pictures before, trying to catch the reality of life, but now author takes pictures of mostly on his own. Playing with the lights in the dark makes this project look incredible.

Siren by Joseph Alexander

A few days ago I have received a fan mail with a request: “Can you upload more weird stuff, please?" Here you go, tumblr blogger. I hope I have met your expectations. Photographer, based in Los Angeles, Joseph Alexander presented his new digital art project called "Siren". As Joseph says, he wanted to ‘create a series representing feminine power and beauty’.


Amazing surrealism in Yuri’s Laptev paintings 

Ukrainian artist Yuri Laptev definitely is one of the most talented and resent surreal artists. Yuri uses dark colors and mixed them with numerous small details that are very important to the whole artwork’s idea. His surrealism overflows from the main object. 


Artist Andrew Ferez opens the doors to his dark and surreal world 

Russian artist Andrew Ferez paints digital paintings and creates an astonishing surreal world. His artworks usually involves many small details and only a few colors.