Duplicate by Michael Ostermann

Austrian photographer and graphic designer Michael Ostermann made this nice, black and white project, called “Duplicated”. Here, author plays with various details that makes these photos surrealistic and visually fantastic.  

Mean Machines by Tomasz Zaczeniuk

"Mean Machines" is another creative and surrealistically dark photo-project by Polish artist Tomasz Zaczeniuk. His works usually combines big opened places that includes wild nature and its beautiful elements. In this project, artist added the element that seem to be as the contrast to the nature: the machines. 

Siren by Joseph Alexander

A few days ago I have received a fan mail with a request: “Can you upload more weird stuff, please?" Here you go, tumblr blogger. I hope I have met your expectations. Photographer, based in Los Angeles, Joseph Alexander presented his new digital art project called "Siren". As Joseph says, he wanted to ‘create a series representing feminine power and beauty’.

Wrecked world by Tomasz Zaczeniuk

Born in 1978, photography for Tomasz Zaczeniuk now is every way of living. He is interested in creating parallel reality with help of photomanipulation and music.

Advent by Leslie Ann O’Dell

These dark portraits connects a beauty of darkness and florist symbols or details. Artist named those digital manipulations as “Lovelorn”, “Oblivion” , and “Contemporary Monster”. 
Leslie Ann O’Dell is a self-taught, visual artist who is most known for fusing photography and painting for mixed media pieces. Her works often involve surrealistic hybrids of human and nature, dominated by melancholy and dreamlike themes.

Four elements in photographic series Material world by Australian photographer and installation artist Merilyn Fairskye

1. Air

2. Fire

3. Earth

4. Water

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