Interview with Norris Yim: Momuklo and his world 

Hong Kong based artist, Norris Yim, is an illustrator and architect who began drawing two years ago and went on to create very lovely, emotional but at the same time minimalist, character Momuklo. You can find him in many of his works even though Norris, of course, has many different types of illustration. However, you might notice that most of them are quite simple: he uses only a few colors, minimal details and etc. I think Norris’ talent revolves around the capturing and translation of emotion through simplicity. We had a short discussion about his Momuklo character and several other things about the artist himself. Enjoy!

Your illustration is achieved and presented in minimalist way. Is it because you want to focus on the main object, or for another reason? 
MOMUKLO expresses philosophy in simple ways, inspired by ‘Less is More’ in my Spatial Design series. I think using simplicity is good way to tell a story and for the audience to understand. I will use MOMUKLO’s elements to discover other styles & moods in future. I keep continuously changing style to become more crazy and interesting with MOMUKLO in my series because i keep drawing to find out a new way to represent myself more.

 Most of your illustrations have the same portrait/face. Why is that so? 
I draw MOMUKLO to look calm & peaceful, almost like Zen (in mentality) as he faces the world. It represents how we should stay calm all the time when we have to deal with many different situations, even, for me, through the hustle and bustle of Hong Kong city. MOMUKLO could be a physical representations of my feelings as I’m a non-tempered person in any situation. I use MOMUKLO to show my views - Peaceful – and to tell a story.

Even though your art seems to be simple and straight-forward, I always find a lot of emotions in every illustration that you have made. Is it hard for you as the artist to express the difficulty of emotion in simplicity?
I don’t know if it is hard or not as I naturally to come up with the ideas for my graphics. Simplicity is one of my favorite styles; simple lines with simple shading coming together to tell a story. I want MOMUKLO to be kept in that style. Actually, you can find in more of my recent works that I have drawn his portrait with alternative sketches and different styles because I like experimenting to discover more styles and to enhance my skills and horizons.

What elements in your life helped to shape you as an artist? 
At first I wanted to show what I was thinking in my mind. When I studied spatial design I discovered more about the world, however, it’s hard to represent my mind in my city so I try to use my illustrations to speak out and recognize myself more. When drawing/illustrating became my main activity, I started indulging in art and my imagination grew bigger and I transferred this to paper. Maybe I’ve also been shaped by personal and social events. 

What are your biggest dreams related to your art at the moment? 
My biggest dream would be that I want my art to interflow with more artists so I can keep learning from them. I would love more people to appreciate my work… and I want to use drawings to show personal feelings in different stages. Finally, I hope art could balance my life. I want my art to prove that I have lived.

Text edited by Melissa Searle 

Our first interview after a long time: colorful portraits by Elena Pancorbo

My attention was attracted by these realistic portraits through their gentle color play and unique presentation of the art itself. After few minutes of searching through her work and discovering more and more portraits, I checked the name; Elena Pancorbo, a Spanish freelance illustrator who has many followers and fans on various social websites. Alright, I thought, that is what I was looking for to restart my interviews. Something that makes me feel inspired and amazed. Immediately, I wrote her a short letter presenting Republic X and myself. She was naturally friendly and someone who I thought would be an honor to have an interview with. And it was. Finally, guys, I present to you this short discussion with the lovely Elena. I hope you enjoy it! 

When did you start painting and drawing?
Since I can remember. I remember drawing on blackboard at school, corners of my notebooks when I finished high school I decided to fully devote myself to painting, and I wanted to learn and see how far I could get.

I made a top module illustration course and am currently doing a career in fine arts.

Why did you choose to create portraits? Why not landscapes, or cityscapes?
My preferred technique is pastels, I am moved by the skin tones, the brightness of the eyes, fleshy lips. I like to portray people’s feelings and fears. I could include the landscape in conjunction with the human figure, but time is something that I discard.

Is it hard to find the right portrait for you to paint/draw?
I would say no. I always look for stereotype pictures, tones, lights and glitter, but sometimes I propose complicated and impractical orders. It is due to mere photo detail to interpret whether I use it or not… not having the right quality for example.

You always include very warm, complimentary and, at the same time, different colors. Why?
As I said earlier, I like working with skin tones. I attempt to make my work have a warm and harmonious air, I like the pastel colors and earth tones.I avoid using muted colors too, when I have to paint something a dark I use a dark shade or use many shades that lead me to a colorful shade.

Did you ever predict that your works would attract such a big attention from around the globe?
Yes, I thought of the time when I was exposed to the world through social networks, internet or any physical exhibition of my work.

I find my work a great way to give purpose to it.

I never considered that my taste for painting was a hobby, which is why I show it because I would like to dedicate this professionally and people opine about, either for good or bad.

Let’s talk more about you. What are the biggest values in your life?
As a person I value sincerity and humility. One can really put your feet on the ground and concentrate on something that is ignored.

Moral support is important for me to have pillars in life.

As an artist, working and persevering constancy. If you can do something well in life should be done every day.

How do you see yourself in… let’s say 5 years?
I honestly do not know. My life has changed so much in just one year that to venture to look beyond the short-term terrifies me.

Usually I never liked making future plans or planning too far in advance, 80% of the possibilities that I see are failures.

What do you think you miss mostly in your life at the moment?
I am at a good stage in which I am lucky to study what I love and devote myself to it entirely.

But you can never know the twists and turns of life.

What, according to you, would be the biggest threat for loosing motivation in something?
Lack of time. To have it removed or lose it or have to use it in something that requires my attention more.

Edited by: Melissa Searle 

Hyper realistic paintings by Jason John 

You can name it wherever you want, my dear friends - super, cool, hyper or unbelievable insane realistic paintings. One thing I know for sure: I fucking love realistic paintings. And if they are unique by the idea… well, this is even more awesome!  Love, love, love it… 

Gorgeous portraits by Ileana Hunter 

Based in United Kingdom, Ileana Hunter draws very unique portraits of various famous people. Most of them are iconic women of pop industry. Authors as well plays with lightning. Sometimes she deletes or erases some parts of the drawing (like in the first one from the top) in order to make artwork even more unique. 

Disturbing surrealism by Seungyea Park

Seungyea Park has exhibited her work in solo and group shows in Korea and the USA, she  works by drawing circles with ball point pen and acrylic paint on acid free paper. And yeah, works are disturbing, but I like it very much. Very creative and original.

Amazing illustrations by Kate Powell 

United Kingdom based artist Kate Powell is already popular on several social art platforms. You can also buy her artwork here. Generally, her illustrations and drawings blows you away with its detailed and colorful elements, surreal portraits. Very interesting artworks. 

Drawings by Alberto Patiño

Alberto Patiño has a bachellor degree in Sculpture at the Pontificia Universidad Catolica of Peru, and is currently a professor at this university. He has 3 individual shows: La sombra de tu sonrisa (The Shadow Of Your Smile), Cecilia González Contemporary Art (2011), Cuerdo Delirio (Delirium Cordia), Galería 80m² (2006) and Casa/caso, Yvonne Sanguineti Gallery (2009). He also has several shows with other artists as Muestra colectiva, Centro Colich (2010); Esculturas para solitarios, Galería Enlace-Arte Contemporáneo (2007); Pulso/Impulso, Galería Wu Ediciones (2006); Kilómetro Cero, Galería Pancho Fierro (2006); ¿Y qué es el Arte?, Galería Fórum (2005). Patiño has received an award at the 3th Young Art at Miraflores (2005), y en el 2007 is finalist of the Contest Passport for an Artist sponsored by the French Embassy in Peru. He also works a line of industrial design with the company Penélope Montagnii.

Detailed drawings on the wood by LeRoc

Oh, I wish I could find a better resolution of his pyrographic artworks. Pyrography or pyrogravure is the art of decorating wood or other materials with burn marks resulting from the controlled application of a heated object. 

"I work from a tiny bedroom turned studio with the forest only a stone’s throw away. It’s this easy access to nature that keeps me inspired. I try and take full advantage of the fact that I am lucky enough to enjoy the outdoors on a regular basis weather it be out surfing, snowboarding ,mountain biking or even a simple stroll through the woods with my wife." - says author about himself. 

Weird and beautiful: surrealism by Sicioldr 

Sicioldr is an italian self-taught drawer born in 1990. His visionary style is influenced by the study of artists like Giraud, Bosch, Bruegel, Serafini, Seba and by his interests toward the relationship between alchemy and psychology. His uncanny subjects are images coming from the unconscious ,represented by the author through a rigorous and elegant style of drawing

Imperative Slave and Media Slave by Katarina Nedeljkovic

"Imperative slave"  installation is a multimedia project that includes drawing and installation as a literal transition from one technique to another. This installation includes fusion glass with a sound-sensitive lighting. The Idea is very good. Bravo!

Dirty noses of Zina’s Nedelcheva portraits 

Zina (author stated that many people calls her just like that) is from Bulgaria. She is know as a graphic artist but I wanted to show you, guys, her usual drawings with pencils.

"Little things that could be just sitting there in the corner, unnoticeable for others, old and forgotten often are start point for my works. I refer to the oddness of everything" - writes Zina in her official website. It is clearly see that various things can inspire this artist, and she can use her inspiration very creatively, indeed. 

Phantasmagorical: drawings on photographs ll Artist On Tumblr

Phantasmagorical is a remarkable project by illustrator, Annica Klingspor, photographer, Robert Nilsson, and stylist, Anna Klein. These three artists creates one and spectacular result: beautiful black and white drawings on photographs. 

Parallel worlds by Ewa Mos

Funny and totally creative. This how we can define this photo illustrative collection of graphic designer based in UK, Birmingham called ‘Parallel Worlds’. To the portraits author attached some personal drawings and illustrations transforming usual portraits to the surreal world. 

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