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New artworks from Jiwoon Park 

Jiwoon Pak is an illustrator and artist based in Seoul, south of Korea. She received her art education at Valenciennes Fine art school in France,and started to work as a freelance illustrator in 2013.


Amazing watercolor paintings by Nicolas Jolly 

Nicolas Jolly is a French artist working with black ink. Black and white allows him to bring additional emotion to the scene by increasing the set of chiaroscuro. There is a large concern in the compositions of his drawings. The technique he uses,”fingerprint”, allows him to guide the eye of the observer through the various elements of the scene compositions. All convolutions bring dynamism and speed, amplifying the intense and dramatic effect. The subject is anime, dance and grows. It can accentuate a detail in the design and target emotion to convey. via

The Amazing Art by Chiara Aime

When I saw the first and one of the most recent artworks of this author (the first picture from the top), I knew I have to open her portfolio. There first thought in my mind was “Wow”. You can see many games with a color, improvisation with portraits and surrealism. 

Chiara Aime was born in Cuneo in 1991, where she currently resides. She attended the Art School of Cuneo and only since 2010 has begun to expose herself to the public as a painter. Her painting is an expression of mind, highly introspective that comes from the soul and is supported by a great passion for drawing and graphics. Her palette, preferably restricted to a few colors, three-four, including the blue and the blues, reds and purple, often thwarted by yellow and green.

New paintings by Simon Birch 

Simon Birch is a UK-born artist who is a permanent resident of Hong Kong. He has had solo shows in Beijing, Hong Kong, Los Angeles, Miami, and Singapore, as well as exhibiting in group shows at the Hong Kong Museum of Art (2008), the Haunch of Venison, London, and the Museum of Contemporary Art, Tokyo, in 2011.

Digital manipulations by Anja Millen 

Irish photographer and painter Anja Millen creates wonderful and dark artworks. Women are the main element here, as it can be seen. Anja is not showing happy emotions of the subject in her artworks. Mostly, it’s a pain, sadness and regret, 

Cityscapes in various shapes by Jieun Park 

Jieun Park is mixing two very interesting styles in her paintings: traditional cityscapes that looks very realistic and abstract art. This combination creates a very unique and gorgeous result, which you can see above. I really like this idea and style. “What I try to express through my works are the emotions that I felt at the specific moments during the journey. I remember how I was emotionally overwhelmed and felt lonely by looking down at the city from on high.” - says artist. 


Artist spent 30min each day for the past few months to make daily sketch paints 

Gabriel Verdon submitted his daily sketch paints on reddit by saying that he spent only 30min each day (for the past few moths) in order to create these black and white illustrations. I can say it looks very original, dark and interesting. Very nice choice of color, which is limited. Do you like it?

Hyper realistic paintings by Jason John 

You can name it wherever you want, my dear friends - super, cool, hyper or unbelievable insane realistic paintings. One thing I know for sure: I fucking love realistic paintings. And if they are unique by the idea… well, this is even more awesome!  Love, love, love it… 

Paintings by Antonio José Manzanedo

Spanish artist Antonio José Manzanedo creates magical and dark paintings that reminds me various fairy tales or stories where evil meets good. 

Thierry Carrier Paintings (b.1973, France)

Thierry Carrier works with sensitive art more than with perceivable art. His painting is the reflection of his own aspiration to silence. Indeed, his figures (which are often a representation of himself) are not established in a recognizable geographical space. His painting are willingly untitled. These unusual codes made of him an artist different from the others portraitists. In front of several arrangements, the spectator can discover a world of silence, an uncluttured representation of humains, an impenetrable figure with an inexpressible poetry. (source: Twentytwo Gallery)

[more Thierry Carrier | artist recommended by loic-arnaud]

Amazing paintings by Artem Rhads Cheboha

You probably have seen at least one this guy’s artwork. He has them a lot, believe me. All of them, by the way, looks stunning and just… wow! Just by looking at his artworks I feel like I was blown away. 

Amazing paintings by evergreenarts

German artist Alex, also known as evergreenarts creates majestic and colorful paintings, where a big picture of landscapes and sky are revealed. Love it!


Korean artist Horyon Lee’s pieces are classified as paintings, although they look much closer to photography. The suggestive and dynamic of his overlapping images, skirt flirts in this case with a highly erotic component, make them visually delightful. 

Like a walk in the National Gallery: paintings by Romualdas Petrauskas 

When I first saw his artworks, I remembered my slow walking in the National Gallery, London. I don’t know why. Maybe because of the coloring, or the idea itself in the artworks. One is for sure, Lithuanian artist Romualdas Petrauskas makes very interesting, and nostalgic (?) paintings. 

Big eyes and even bigger heads: sad girls of Paulina (Antosz) Góra

Paulina is a Polish artist who has their own painting style. I always loved those artists that has their own technique or ability to be easily recognized by others. Paulina’s portraits are big: enormous heads, eyes, small lips. Girls look sad or angry. I enjoy watching all these portraits. They are brilliant!