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People I know: Jon Jacobsen shows how he sees himself and friends 

Self thought photographer Jon Jacobsen from Santiago, Chile, presented his project “People I know”. In the project author present his friends who are models, artists, actors and himself, as well (the last photo). You can check the whole project here

Will it beard by: a non-fearless tumblr project 

It all began as a way to entertain the kiddies during the holidays, but has transformed into an artistic project for the couple. Pierce tells BuzzFeed, ‘Over Christmas break, my mom had her grandkids do a talent show for her (she’s an adorable grandma). I tried to put as many pencils as possible in it for my “talent.” I got over 20. Needless to say, my mother was very proud’. via

Silhouettes in the darkness by Martin Schapp. 

Martin was born in Germany, Cottbus, 1985. He is a freelance photographer and graphic designer in whose portfolio you can found a lot of various works. However, I mostly liked these, dark ones. All of them have mysterious silhouettes with their own journey and story. 

Flora and body shapes by Cristiana Gasparotto
Authors submitted message about herself: “Cristiana Gasparotto was born in 1977 in Italy, where she completed her studies in history and literature at the University of Padova. She currently lives in Madrid, Spain, with her husband and her children.
She started to observe the light through the camera and explore new personal territories to investigate the sensations she was feeling about it. Then, she realised photography would be a powerful medium to express herself and her emotional experiences in a visual way”.

(Source: Flickr / cristianagasparotto)

Warmly creative: photography by Karrah Kobus ll Artist On Tumblr

Photographer Karrah Kobus from Minneapolis, creates a wonderful and warm photography. Her works full of cozy colors. Well, let’s say that all of us perceive that coziness differently. Heh. So this is my way of perceiving it. 

Vitaliy Halanzha captures brilliant shots from the recent Ukrainian riots ll Artist On Tumblr

Being a photographer it’s not only taking shots of landscapes and happy people. Sometimes it requires a lot of courage. Certainly, Ukrainian photographer Vitaliy Halanzha does have it enough. He entered the core of massive and huge riots in Kiev and took some brilliant shots. 


The Siren of the Woods by Mihai Kaizer 

Mihai, based in Bucharest, Romania, explores various stills and styles of photography. Mihai shoots landscapes, people, daily routines and dark, mysterious photos. 

The dark death: amazing photography by Yaryshev Evgeny

I remember when I first saw this photographer’s one amazing picture (this one) and I couldn’t get it out of my mind. Experienced the same feeling this time, again. Dark ground, death, beautiful black and white coloring… Uh! Looks fantastic. 

Dreamy silhouettes in Michelle’s Ellis photography ll Artist On Tumblr

Canadian photographer Michelle Ellis has a quite big photo portfolio in which you will definitely find various photographs with different themes and colors.  However, I really loved those one that include silhouettes, and therefore, I though it would be great to show some of those photos for you, guys. I hope you enjoyed! 


Colorful creativity: photography by Anna

Russian photographer Anna (this is the only name I could get) creates and shoots very colorful and sunny (light) photography. Author always uses female models and plays with nature and surreal details. 

Empty by Jon Reid

So, this author was using photography as visual diary to document some of the world he has been privileged enough to see. Now his works are used to market destinations to the travel industry.
He took these photos on Boxing Day, so he had rare opportunity to capture this location without the crowds. And it’s a great job. We can see the beautiful contrast between old and new London architecture, photography is very good, colors are warm and plays very good. It’s really nice.


Call to faith by Carmen Mitrotta

Contemporary photographer Carmen Mitrotta had created colorful fashion photoshoot. Looks weird, but I like it. I love how author plays with colors. 

Conceptual black&white photography by Lissuin

Slovakian artist Lissuin shoots various photographs, mostly portraits. In her portfolio you can find numerous conceptual and surreal artworks.

Mean Machines by Tomasz Zaczeniuk

"Mean Machines" is another creative and surrealistically dark photo-project by Polish artist Tomasz Zaczeniuk. His works usually combines big opened places that includes wild nature and its beautiful elements. In this project, artist added the element that seem to be as the contrast to the nature: the machines. 


New Year’s Fireworks by Lars Böhme

New Year’s celebration has passed with its all festive’s elements and only memories have left for us. German photographer Lars Böhme, as probably most of photography loving artists, was trying to capture great shots of fireworks in the sky. He got the interesting result.