Invisible Paint Drip Man by Josh Caudwella

Josh Caudwell is a UK based commercial photographer with a passion for finding unusual angles on the world around us. He enjoys producing creative and powerful imagery. He has always had a strong interest in art and design which was heightened early in his development when he had a chance encounter with the image editing program, Photoshop. His fascination with the ability to manipulate images and design elements led him onto a degree in graphic design. However, after purchasing his first semi-professional camera midway through his studies, with the view that it would aid him in becoming a better designer, he found that he enjoyed photography more. He later honed his skills by assisting fashion and advertising photographers, Ram Shergill and Atton Conrad.

Calored glasses by Hans Hollein

Born on March 30, 1934 in Vienna/Austria, is an architect, theoretician, urban planner, designer, artist and teacher.

Hollein comes from a family of mining engineers. In his childhood he attended Franz Cizek’s Youth Art Classes in Vienna.After his graduation in 1953 at the Federal Crafts and Industry School in Vienna, he studied architecture at the Academy of Fine Arts in Clemens Holzmeister’s master class.

During this time he also lived and worked in Stockholm/Sweden. After his diploma in 1956 he was granted a Commonwealth Fund Scholarship and he continued his studies in the USA in 1958.

Phantasmagorical: drawings on photographs ll Artist On Tumblr

Phantasmagorical is a remarkable project by illustrator, Annica Klingspor, photographer, Robert Nilsson, and stylist, Anna Klein. These three artists creates one and spectacular result: beautiful black and white drawings on photographs. 

Secret trees by Corrado Dalcò

Corrado Dalcò was born in Parma town of Italy.Started off as graphic designer then discovered photography and was love at first sight. In 1992 Corrado moved to Berlin,Barcelona and London, finding immediate success as a fashion photographer for magazines and advertising campaign such as Levi’s,Coca-Cola,Nose,Sisley Kids and more. He then added music video to his repertoire, to explore further ideas on movement, tone and elegance. Corrado divides his time between his artistic endeavours and purely commercial work for the advertising and publishing industries as a fashion/advertising photographer and film director.

Republic X’s interview with photographer Sasha Kurmaz
interview by Arnoldas Lukas Vaitkunas (read full interview here)

Sasha Kurmaz is Ukrainian photographer (born in 1986, Kiev) who I discovered on flickr website. There he is quite popular and famous. I thought, well his works are usual but somehow catchy and interesting. It seems that portraits and lifestyle in his photographs are something different and inexperienced. Well… maybe not all of us will kiss a man in our entire lifetime but this is what Sasha expresses through his photography. Something as he say that makes you enjoy the life.In 2008 Sasha graduated Ukraine State Academy of Art (Design Department). 

RX: I can assume a lot of people are calling your photography distracting. Do you think your photographs are like that? 
SK: If some people are calling my photos distracting - it is good.People love to talk. This is normal. They are only human. They are always right.

RX: What are you trying to express or say throughout your daily life’s photography? 
SK: I just want to focus on things that are interesting to me.

RX:Do you have any rules for your photography? 
SK:The basic rule - no rules.

RX:What is your motto?
SK:Enjoy your life!

RX:Who do you think most enjoys your photography: young or more adult and mature people? Why?
SK: I don’t know who is watching my pictures. I don’t want to know that.

RX: Do you think you are contemporary art-photographer? 
SK: I think the technology is very influenced by the art photo.

Read the full interview here.

The best of Michael Heck

In our flickr group we recently have found a young life style photographer, based in Indianapolis, USA, Michael Heck. The artist is capturing quite interesting shots of portraits and daily life. These pictures, in our opinion, are the best of Michael Heck’s flickr portfolio. 

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