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Derek Jones paints messy but wonderful portraits 

The artist with his own style and mood that can be felt through the color. Derek Jones is based in Scotland and he is painting wonderful, dark and messy portraits. Sometimes they remind me something related to women abuse topic. However, maybe it’s just me. And that’s the point actually: everyone can understand a little bit different these paintings. 


Gorgeous portraits by Ileana Hunter 

Based in United Kingdom, Ileana Hunter draws very unique portraits of various famous people. Most of them are iconic women of pop industry. Authors as well plays with lightning. Sometimes she deletes or erases some parts of the drawing (like in the first one from the top) in order to make artwork even more unique. 

Rain Forest by Marta Bevacqua ll Artist On Tumblr

Marta Bevacqua is Rome based photographer with an incredible talent to make portraits different and unique. Marta shoots fashion, beauty and advertising photos. Her latest photo project “Rain Forest” takes us to the vision there human is connected to the nature.