Digital print artworks by Norbert Brunner

Author Norbert Brunner presented his digital print artworks in Claire Oliver gallery. To create even more catchy art he used LEDs, mirrors and Swarovski crystals. 

Austrian Norbert Brunner uses time and space as a sounding board for the viewer’s personal reflection; it is the Artist’s approach to self actualization. Brunner’s mirror objects reflect not only the viewer, but also superimpose messages across their visual path, insisting they become an interactive part of the installation. Brunner coaxes us to confront the possible by making his text visible only when we stand directly in front of it, forcing us into the center of the work itself and asking us to formulate our own interpretation of reality. This is a positive confrontation; he wants us to come away empowered and energized. By adding a philosophical sense of humor to the reflection, Brunner resists outside pressures and transcends the prevailing negative environment rather than simply “coping with it.”

Screenshots from the RELAY video - a performance, contemporary art from light art author Iván Navarro

Light artworks by James Clar

James Clar’s work is an analysis and observation on the affects of media and technology on our perception of culture, nationality, and identity. Technology allows for new forms of communication; however every system enhances certain types of communication while limiting and simplifying others. It’s these modulated effects and alterations to our perception that has become thematic focus to his works, whether dealing with socio-political issues or inward personal emotions.

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